Form F8 Wizard

BC Supreme Court Financial Statement

We make the daunting process of completing a Form F8 easy. Use our free step-by-step wizard and download a printable PDF after completing all the steps. Don’t worry if you can’t complete it in one sitting, your work is automatically saved.

Note: The Form F8 Wizard is currently in Beta. Contact Us if you encounter any issues.


Q: Who has to fill out Form F8?

BC Family Law Requirements

Q: Can somebody else do it for me?

Your lawyer or Smartsettle Family Resolutions can use Form F8 along with other aids to a non-adversarial process if your spouse agrees to collaborate.

Q: What does using this website cost?

There is no cost associated with using this site. If you have a Smartsettle Family Resolutions professional or your lawyer help you, there may be a cost associated with that.

Q: Who created this tool?

This application was created by Smartsettle Family Resolutions